Thanks for stopping by, hope you stay a while.  Holistic Life has been a wonderful place for me to work with psychotherapy and coaching – and recently my focus has changed from Holistic Life Coaching to Relationship and Couples Counseling.  Have fun exploring, but check out my new site that’s under development.  Right now the splash page is up, website to come out in April 2014: TheLoveTherapist.org

SIX Guiding Principles


Go!1. Focus on what you want. Every thought you think and words you speak shape your reality. Be clear, positive and directed with feelings and action.


Go!2. Choose to take care of you. To take care of or love others you must do it to yourself first. You must commit to the work of making your life fantastic & accept help.


Go!3. Follow your hearts intelligence and intuition. You have the answers to all your questions and the solutions to all your problems. Schedule time to listen.


Go!4. Accept your present and face your past. True peace comes from releasing the past and valuing the power of now.


Go!5. Everything is made of energy and we can affect it. Everything around us, is made of energy and we have the power to affect it in positive and negative ways internally and externally.


Go!6. Your best life comes from finding your purpose and fulfilling it. When we are living our purpose, we feel inspired, motivating and connected to something greater than ourselves.

Meet Brendan.

My name is Brendan Neff-Hall and I’m a Relationship and Couples Counselor. I'm so glad you stopped by and I so look forward to connecting with you...

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Weekly Tip:

Troubled? Take a moment to ask, what is it I really desire from this situation? What could change inside me to move this a little closer to what I want... 

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